The 3rd AGM of Sailability Scotland SCIO was held at The Riverside Museum, Glasgow on the 16th March, 2019.


2019 committee as voted by the members present:

Richard (Dik) Toulson - Chairman

Duncan Greenhalgh - Secretary

Stephen Laycock - Treasurer

Neil McDougal

Dorothy Bennett


Retiring trustees:

Stephen Thomas Bate (Treasurer)

Derrick Robinson (Trustee)


Many thanks to Stephen and Derrick for their hard work for Sailability Scotland SCIO over the past few years.



Following the 25th AGM of Sailability Scotland SCIO (2nd as a SCIO organisation) on the 17th March, 2018, the following people were elected to the committee unopposed:


The Committee appointments at the 2017 AGM at Nuffield Health Centre, Milngavie. 25/02/2017.



Chairman-Richard (Dik) Toulson

Chairman-Richard (Dik) Toulson











Treasurer-Stephen Thomas Bate

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Stephen Thomas Bate














Stephen Thomas Bate

Duncan Greenhalgh (acting Secretary)

Derrick Robinson (Bosun)

Richard (Dik) Toulson

Vacant (Secretary)





AGM minutes



24th September 2016

Committee meeting at Clan MacDuff Hotel, Fort William.

The committee welcomed Craig Moffett as an external consultant.

Craig will coordinate our 2017 Challenger Traveller Series as our Events Officer for the foreseeable future.


19th November 2016

Committee meeting at Nuffield Heath, Milngavie.

Richard Toulson was elected as a member of our committee.

We wish Dik every success with us in the future.