Lease A Boat


Did you know that for just £200 a year you could have your own dinghy?


With your own boat you can customise it to suit your needs. You can keep it where you like and use it where you like. We would love to see you take part in our regatta's of course and remember that you can keep it free of charge at our Sailing Centre at Hillend Reservoir which has a sercure compound.


Use A Boat


For the more casual sailor you can use a boat at a regatta for just £10.


So the weather is looking nice and you fancy a sail but you don't have a boat. You can rent one for the weekend from us for just £10. But remember there may be costs on getting the boat to the water. You will not be able to make many adjustments to the boat and there is a limited choice.



Our Fleet


ChallengerSolo Trimaran104
SquibKeel 2 Crew21
2.4mRSolo Keel33
Hansa 303Solo Keel00
Hansa 2.3Solo Keel00


Boat types



A Challenger is a trimaran and designed for one person sailing, although a temporary buddy seat can be used. The boat is simple yet exciting to sail and yet it remains stable in all conditions, preferring to be upright. It is suitable for sailors who can sail independently.


Hansa 303

The Hansa 303 is a Paralympic class boat which is a mono hull design with a weighted keel. Although the design permits the craft to lean, it is unlikely to capsize during normal use. It can be sailed two up, meaning it is an ideal training boat, but can be managed single handed for the solo sailor. It is a highly adaptable boat suitable for varying degrees of disability.



Another Paralympic class boat, but this is a technical solo yacht. It is only suitable for the experienced sailor.



The Squib is a large open cockpit keel boat needing a crew of at least two people, one being an experienced sailor.



The Weta is a trimaran with great stability and utilises a full set of sails. Although it can be sailed solo it is best with two sailors. This is a responsive and exciting boat that does require the attention of the sailors at all times.


For more information on leasing or renting

a boat please contact